Jared’s Story

The Silat Suffian Americas family experienced a tragedy on Aug 23, 2022. Jared Smith, son of group leader Nick Smith, was in a motorcycle accident. He remains in critical care, please follow his story. 


Bruneian Cultural Exchange

We promote and preserve Bruneian culture by sharing unique tribal combat arts, specificallySilat Suffian Bela Diri (SSBD) and Betawi Tiga, and their defensive applications throughout North and South America

Silat Suffian Americas

There are five licensed SSBD study groups in the USA and one in Latin America/Caribbean. Use the following maps to determine which region includes your home state, then select the appropriate link to contact your leader.

For Canada training please contact us
For non-Americas training please visit SilatSuffianInternational

Study Group Regions


Contact: bbetts33@yahoo.com




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